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Background Image for Hero: Shared Services employees working at their desks at One Waterfront

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The WVU Shared Services Center is your one-stop shop for accessing human resources, financial management and sponsored-project financial management services and support. Contact us at 304-293-6006 or

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Background: What is Shared Services?

  • WVU Shared Services is your new one-stop shop for accessing  human resourcesfinancial management and sponsored-project financial management services and support.
Shared Services Venn Diagram          

WVU Shared Services Goals

  • Improve customer service to faculty and academic staff — allowing them to focus on teaching and research.
  • Create efficiencies in systems and processes and allow employees to become experts in specific areas instead of partially supporting various functions.
  • Eliminate duplication of services.
  • Provide one digital location (knowledge base) for all guidance on processes relating to finance, human resources and financial sponsored-project financial management.

WVU Shared Services Vision

Redesign business support activities with the infusion of technology and data accuracy to empower our workforce, resulting in trusted and timely customer service.