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Employee Processing

Steps to Process for Payroll

If you would like additional information on payroll processing, check out the article below

101: An Introduction to New Hire Payroll Processing

Additional Information Regarding Employee Processing

WVU Shared Services Center provides in-person processing support at several of our open locations on campus.  In order to reduce wait times, we encourage making an appointment at one of these locations. Please contact us by telephone at 304-293-6006 or email at Shared to schedule an appointment. 

Don't forget that you need to bring the required documentation or you won't be able to process (details on required documentation below in "Items Needed for Processing" section on this page). Remote processing is also still an option. If you prefer to process remotely, please let us know by phone or email. We look forward to helping you as you begin employment at WVU!


All new benefit-eligible employees can review and complete required benefits forms and explore optional benefits by visiting

Link to Forms

To access all Shared Services Center forms, please view our knowledge article found in our Form Inventory

Payroll Processing

If you need to process for WVU payroll, we ask that you complete the forms remotely. Please email for instructions on how to process remotely.  Please include your full legal name, anticipated start date, and job position accepted.

Foreign Nationals – If you are not a US citizen nor a US permanent resident and you need to process for payroll, please contact WVU Tax Services at and you will be sent instructions for processing.

Items Needed for Processing

1. Direct Deposit Information

The following banking documents may be submitted for direct deposit for a checking or savings account:
  • Voided check that includes the full routing and account numbers of the checking and savings account.
  • Typed memo from the banking institution that includes the full routing and account numbers. (memos should be on bank letterhead and signed by a bank official)
  • Copy of a bank statement that includes the full routing and account numbers.
  • Counter Checks - with your full name and address written on the top.

2. Identification to Present for Form I-9

             Only original, unexpired documents will be accepted. NO PHOTOCOPIES 
  • Employees must present one item from List A or a combination of one item from List B and one item from List C. You may download and/or print  List of Acceptable Documents. [PDF]
  •  All List B documents presented must contain a photo to comply with E-verify regulations.

3. Hiring Information

  • Benefits eligible employees, mountaineer temps, and adjuncts with the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences should have a signed offer letter.
  • Student workers, graduate assistants, work-study students, adjuncts, and all other employees should have received an email from Shared Services titled "Employee Requisition". You must have received this email prior to completing payroll processing. Please contact your hiring supervisor to obtain this form if needed.