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The WVU Shared Services Project is designed to improve service and support for faculty and staff in the areas of human resources, finance and post-award grants management.

Questions? Check out the WVU Shared Services Project FAQs.


Shared services is a service-delivery model that involves the integration of certain business operations that support multiple parts of the same organization.

A shared services model seeks to create greater efficiencies and reduce duplication of efforts through the standardization and optimization of certain operational and transactional tasks.

Organizations that leverage a shared services model typically have a dedicated service center, which serves as a single point of contact for services and support.

WVU Shared Services Project Goals

  • Improve customer service to faculty and academic staff – allowing them to focus on teaching and research.
  • Create efficiencies in systems and processes and allow employees to become experts in specific areas instead of partially supporting various functions.
  • Eliminate duplication of services.
  • Provide one digital location (knowledge base) for all guidance on processes relating to human resources, finance and post-award grants management.

Watch the WVU Shared Services Project Campus Conversation and read the WVU project overview.